Fabulous attitudes to learning!

What a great day it has been today in Wiggins and Robinson Class. Within moments of arriving at school this morning, the children had settled down to our handwriting lesson. This week we are focusing on writing numbers perfectly, something which the children thought must only be a maths lesson, but no!

This afternoon I worked in the courtyard with different groups. We were learning to order the days of the week and the months of the year. I managed to trick some of the children by hiding a few for them to work out which were missing. We also had great fun whispering to each other through some tubing and seeing if we could hear the message. They were amazed at how well their quiet voices travelled through the inside of the tube all the way to their friend!

A great big thank you to everyone who worked on completing more tasks on their home learning grids. I think the ice cube challenge was a firm favourite. I wonder who built the tallest tower from ice cubes!

Please remember tomorrow is Forest School afternoon, wrap up well!

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