Year 2 How to trap a troll!

The Year 2 children came back to school on Tuesday to find that a mysterious creature had left sandy footprints through our corridor and had left a mess! The children were shocked to find the huge footprints and various objects that the creature had left behind. We thought about who the creature could be by thinking what do we know from the evidence left behind and what do we think from this. We made predictions on where the creature has come from, who it could have been and where they would be now.


After a little while, an email came through to the class with a video recording from a troll. We found out that it was a troll who had been causing mischief. We discovered our next talk for writing unit would be to write instructions on how to trap a troll.


The children have learnt the text map and we have been looking at different instructions to learn the key features. Today, the children worked in pairs to be either the minister of trolls or the expert to give advice on what we would be doing in school to trap this cheeky troll. To understand how specific our instructions need to be, the children drew a picture for their partner to copy from following clear instructions. It was a lot of fun.

Well done Ennis Class.


Miss Leatherland 🙂

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