Year 3 Rowling – Using the bow!

Rowling class had a fantastic afternoon today and it was deemed ‘The best violin lesson ever!’ because we finally got to use the most important part of the violin…the bow!

We learnt about the history of the bow and the materials used to make it, how to hold it and how to make a sound. A violin doesn’t sound right until you use the bow. We have been doing lots of plucking but it was finally time to make some noise. First, we enjoyed using the E string to make some silly sounds! We also learnt to rest the bow on our heads like a Tellytubby when we’re not playing!

We started our lesson by having 2 children lead our warm up. Sophie and Isla did a fantastic job leading our warm up. We split into two teams and performed in a round. The, we began by recapping one of our songs which uses the A and D string. To finish, we learnt a new song with the E string where we take it in turns between the violins and the cello’s to play the E string 4 times using the bow, making an up and down movement. We’ve got quite a few songs in our repertoire now.

Mrs Cliffe and Miss B were so impressed with our listening skills today and lots of dojos were awarded. We can’t wait to show you our Violin performance at the end of the term. We have lots of videos and pictures of our progress!

Don’t forget, whole class violin and cello lessons will stop at Christmas, so if you would like to continue learning to play the violin or cello, please complete the form and hand it back to me. This is at the cost of £34.

Miss Gedney

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