Robinson and Wiggins Class notebook

We hope you can all access the SDS SU Class Notebook via Microsoft Teams. All children have been given their logins and have had a look at the notebook today. The Key skills will now be set via their Home Learning tab, which is found in Class Notebook at the top of the page. Under their name are the different subjects, ready incase school has to close.

The after viewing the document or Power point provided, you are able to insert photos (seen here in blue) or files (in red) and type directly on to the page (as shown in green).

The children are also able to draw directly on to the page if a picture is required.

Under the View tab is an ‘Immersive reader’ which will read out the text to the children.

The Numbots, TTRS and Phonics Play websites have been added to the top of the page for ease of access.

Any issues please chat to or email Miss Birch or Mrs Haigh and we will do our best to help!

Thanks for your continued support!

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