Rowling – Children in Need 2020

Rowling class started the day by joining in with Joe Wick s for his last workout in his 24 hour challenge. Wow! I don’t know how The Body Coach did it because we were tired after just 20 minutes!

We enjoyed the silly billy, Spider-Man lunges, star jumps, purses hops and more! This was a great start to the day and got us energised for our learning.

Amazingly, this is how much Joe raised through his 24 hour challenge.

Following on from the Body Coach’s live workout, our class duck. called The Bobbin’ Coach took part in the live duck race! We were team Joe Wicks today and cheered him on in the race. It was so exciting! Unfortunately, he got a bit stuck on one of the obstacles but he came a very respectable 8th place, just behind Dahl’s duck ‘Flewis Capaldi’ 

So far as a school we’ve raised £677 which is absolutely fantastic. Have a great weekend Rowling class! 

Miss Gedney  

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