Forest School – Paddington

Paddington Class had a great time at Forest School this afternoon.  The children were busy making pine cone soup and tea in the mud kitchen, they made so much that the children decided to set up a shop in the den area to sell muddy water to the kitchen! Lots of work and concentration was put into making fairy gardens and a troll was even spotted in the trees.  There was lots of balancing along logs and splashing in a muddy puddles.  The Gruffalo was heard growling and the fox and snake were spotted too!

The children had a busy afternoon and we came back to the classroom with muddy boots and big smiles.

Have a great weekend.

The first picture below is the fairy garden.  Can you spot the Christmas Trees with tinsel and the tables and chairs?

This is the pine cone soup! When the teachers tasted it we thought it needed more seasoning, so the girls added leaves and berries.

Busy adding ingredients to a cake mix to make it more chocolatey!

Splash! Splash! Splash!


The snake came out of his log pile house to join the adventures. 

Searching for the troll they heard. 



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