Hello Dahl! So we are back to school and learning today, but not how we would have hoped. I hope you all had a wonderful break and were able to do some lovely fun things and hopefully spent some time with your family. I enjoyed having a rest and spending time with my family at home, I also tried to walk a lot which was really fun- although really chilly! I often got a takeaway coffee first to keep me warm on my walk!

I’m so sad that we can’t be together and I know you may be feeling sad too but there are going to be lots of things to keep you busy over the next half term. Today, you will find you home learning assignment in a new channel called ‘First day home learning’ as shown in the image below. Please click this to find your tasks today. Just like Key Skills, you can type into your OneNote page and press ‘hand in’ when you are finished. I will be checking your work regularly to see what you are doing. If you need to tell me something, you can make a note at the top of your page and I will send you a message back.

From tomorrow, there will be videos and PowerPoints posted for English. Reading, Maths and Spelling every day. There will also be some daily class reader where I will read a section of the book ‘The Queen’s Nose’ to you. This is a new book and I’m so excited to get started! There will be a topic lesson also posted so you can enjoy our new topics ‘Rocks, soils and fossils’ in Science, and ‘The Romans’ in History! You will find these again, just like Key Skills but they will be in separate ‘channels’ to make it easier for you to see. I hope this is helpful for you.

Don’t forget to keep active, happy and try your best at home!

Mr Howley

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