Year 4 – Lennon-McCartney

Hello everyone! Well done for all of your super work yesterday, it was great to see you accessing your online learning and completing the tasks.

Today, you work will be set in the same way but this time, you will have separate assignments for each subject. You will find them at the side of the Teams page in the ‘Channels’. Have a look at this picture to see what they look like.

When you click on each channel, the assignments will be in the posts – just like they are on the General Channel for Key Skills. This should make it nice and easy for you to find the subject you are looking for!

Each day, you will receive a Reading, Writing, Maths and Spelling assignment, as well as a daily PE lesson and a Wider Curriculum subject activity. These will be really similar to the types of activities that we do in school. You will need to click on each assignment and hand them in separately once you have completed the work. On some of the lessons, you will find videos of Miss Harris or me explaining some of the instructions or giving you information that will help you complete your tasks. Make sure you click on these links and watch them before you move onto the tasks below!

I will also post videos of the Class Reader for you to listen to. Here is the front cover of our new book – ‘Why the Whales Came’ by Michael Morpurgo.

You can find these videos in the ‘Content Library’ on the Class Notebook – they will be numbered so that you can watch them in order.

Have a great day and don’t forget to ask for help if you need any!

Miss Vokes

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