Year 5 – Class Reader

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and a well earned rest after a busy week of home learning. The weather was bitterly cold but I hope you all managed to get outside at some point and maybe enjoy a wintry walk. No snow just yet – I wonder if we will get any this year?

I wanted to let you know that this week we are going to be starting our new class reader, you will find this on your class notebook (in the content library on the page titled ‘Class Reader’) for you to listen along as Mrs Egan shares the story with us. It is called ‘Phoenix’ and is written by SF Said – the same author as Varjak Paw which we enjoyed in Year 3.

I started reading this book over the holidays and I know that lots of you will really enjoy this book especially considering your enthusiasm for our space topic.

Here is the blurb…..

Lucky thinks he’s an ordinary Human boy. But one night , he dreams the stars are singing to him and wakes to find an uncomfortable power rising inside him. 

Now he’s on the run, racing through space, searching for answers. In a galaxy at war where Humans and Aliens are deadly enemies , the only people who can help him are an Alien starship crew – and an alien warrior girl, with neon needles in her hair….

Listen along on to hear more this week….

Have a great day!

Mrs Phelps 🙂

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