Year 5 – Joining a Teams Meeting

Hello Year 5,

Well done to everyone who is working incredibly hard on their home learning this week. It has been lovely to see lots of you joining our Year 5 Teams meeting at 9.45 each day too! For those of you who are unsure how to access the meeting, here are some instructions to help you:

Click on the ‘calendar’ tab on the left hand side. You should see the week ahead and any meetings that you have scheduled in purple. Choose the correct meeting and click on it. A purple button should appear which says ‘Join’.


Then a black screen with your avatar, initials or your face (because your camera will have switched on!) will appear. Check that your microphone is on mute and click the ‘Join now’ button. This will either take you to the meeting if it has started, or place you in the ‘lobby’ where you may need to wait a few minutes for the adults to start the meeting.

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