Year 6 Poetry

Today the Year 6 children in school and at home were challenged to compose a poem about a wolf.  We spent time collecting vocabulary on a fantastic online tool called padlet to inspire our writing first and then worked independently.  What do you think?


Razor raging knifes appear in the dark, as they mark their territory.

Its powerful paws take a step into the danger .

Amber angry eyes shine in the darkness seeking prey like cameras.

Curling pointed microphones listen for any sound and for any prey.

Razor ragged daggers fight until no one is left. 


Gigantic paws moving as silently as the grave,

Pointed ears straining to hear the sound of its prey,

Stillness surrounding him in the darkness,

Amber traffic lights glowed in its eyes,

Piercing daggers dripping with saliva.


Such wonderful language choices that create vivid imagery in the reader’s mind.  Well done Year 6- you astound us everyday!

Mrs de Board

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