Year 3 – Happy Half Term!

Hello Year 3 and Happy Half Term!

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I cannot believe that we have made it through the last 6 weeks and made it to half term already. The time seems to have flown by and I know we’re all ready for a week of rest and relaxation.

All of the adults in Year 3 are so proud of your hard work, determination and effort over the last 6 weeks. Your work has been amazing and you have taken on feedback, listened to adults instructions via a live meeting and completed your work to a high standard. We cannot thank you enough for taking everything on as well as you have done, and your parents too! We’ve loved seeing you bright an early every morning at 8.45 and it always starts our day off with a smile!

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After half term, we have so much more learning to do and we know that you are going to continue to tackle anything head on and complete everything with a smile. There are some exciting new topics to learn and I know you’re going to enjoy them. After half term, your first English lesson is going to include some junk modelling, so please start collecting packets, cans, paper and card for a fun activity!

Now though, you need to sit back, relax and enjoy the pantomime that we have arranged for you. Grab the snacks and a blanket and enjoy the show! This half term, enjoy spending time with your families, get outside and enjoy the fresh air, play with your siblings and read lots of books! Spend time being creative, painting or drawing or making creations out of lego. Spending time doing things you enjoy will make you feel refreshed and ready for our new term on the 22nd February.

Well done Year 3 for amazing hard work this half term.

See you soon!

Miss Gedney, Mr Howley, Mrs Davies, Mrs Wood and Mrs Jordan


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