Year 6 – Times Table Battle






We hope you’ve had a great half term year 6. To kick off this term, we have a Mandela against Churchill battle. So far in year 6, Churchill class have won every battle so it is time for Mandela class to get everyone rocking their times tables.  How many points will you earn for your class?

Earning points in a battle

  • Every correct answer in any game type is worth 1 point towards your team’s score. In other words, you can play in Garage, Rock Slam, Soundcheck, etc and earn 1 point per correct answer.
  • 💰 Don’t confuse Battle points with coins! Coins are separate. You still earn 10 coins per correct answer in the Garage, 5 per correct Soundcheck answer and 1 coin per correct answer everywhere else.

The battle commences at 9:00am today and finishes at 6:00pm on Friday. Good luck everyone!

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