Bugs, bugs, bugs!

What a fabulous afternoon we have just had! We split into two groups, with one group visiting the garden to do a huge list of jobs and the other group staying in the classroom to get creative with some food preparation.

In the garden, we had a bit of a tidy first. We used recycled materials and objects to make bird feeders, planted some bulbs and created a wormery. I cannot believe how easy it was to find the worms, it seemed as though every time we moved some soil, we found another wiggly friend!

We were delighted to find that the pond is full of frogs. There is lots of frogspawn there too so we will be keeping a close eye on that to learn how it changes and build on our understanding of life cycles.

In the classroom, the children worked on creating our snack for tomorrow and I am really looking forward to trying some! Take a look at the photographs and see which of the creatures you would choose to try.

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