Year 3 Rowling – Comic Relief!

Pablo wins 'red nose' charity Comic Relief | MAA

We’ve had a fantastic day today celebrating Red Nose Day and Comic Relief. There were red noses galore! Some even called today ‘The BEST day ever!’

Rowling class are a class full of comedians and Mrs Davies and I had a huge task on our hands, to decide the winner of the joke competition. We wished that we could give everyone a prize for their brilliant jokes, but our winner today had to be Niamh with her Knock Knock joke! We’re really proud of everyone who stood up in front of the class and shared their joke.

What was your favourite joke from today? We spent the day sharing jokes, some had more than one to share! I wonder if you can try to make your family laugh with your jokes this evening.

We enjoyed watching the teachers video full of jokes, thankfully Rowling class said that my joke was the funniest…closely followed by Mrs Read’s, but some were too kind and couldn’t choose their favourite and enjoyed them all!

One of our transition tasks today after lunch was to complete a Comic Relief word search. It was amazing how quickly Year 3 found the words, but were so supportive in helping their friends find their words too. Great job everyone!

In other work unrelated to Comic Relief, we finished our Hot Write today, writing an explanation text about a type of machine. I’m going to enjoy looking through them later and will share them here next week. They really are amazing!

Have a great weekend everyone, see you on Monday!

Miss Gedney

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