RE- Matilda class

We had a fantastic RE lesson today finding out more about the religion Judaism. Our key question was ‘What is the Jewish Holy book?’ Here is what we found out…

  • The Torah is the Jewish Holy book. It is made of five smaller books which are also the first five books in the Bible.
  • The Torah is written on a very, very long piece of parchment (a bit like paper), then rolled up.
  • The Torah is precious and holy, so Jewish people do not touch it. They use a Yad, a silver pointer.
  • The Torah is written in Hebrew which is a very old language.
  • It its stored in the Synagogue in a special cupboard called an Ark.
  • A sofer (scribe) is a person who makes copies of the Torah.

We then decided to make our own Torahs and practised writing the word ‘Torah’ in Hebrew writing from right to left.

Finally, we discussed how could we show respect for our Torah’s and where we would store them. Well done Matilda class!!





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