Year 3 Actors

Year 3 had a fantastic day today and should be incredibly proud of themselves. We were lucky enough to work with Leigh Wolmarans from the Silhouette Youth Theatre who helped us bring to life our Oberon Rhyme from A Midsummer Nights’ Dream.

We started off by learning how to use our body, face and voice to create performance and expression. Leigh tasked us with showing emotions such as happy, sad, angry and so much more, helping us to warm up ready for our busy day.


We discussed the characters Oberon, Titania and Puck and their role in A Midsummer Nights’ Dream. After discussing and learning that not all fairies are dainty and nice, we started to play the role of Oberon, the King of the fairies. It took some warming up, but once we found our confidence and expression, we were all able to portray our own individual version of Oberon.

Learning our lines over the past few weeks really paid off! We spent the next part of our day practising how Oberon would approach Titania when taking his revenge, considering our movements, facial expressions and of course- our vocals.

We split into four groups which enabled us to focus on different parts of the rhyme. After Leigh helped us to express our voices to their maximum, we were ready to start pulling parts of the performance together. But before that, we got to listen to the music composed by our songwriters last week… WOW! What a fantastic job they have done, our songwriters composed a phenomenal song which we were able to use during our performance.

The final part of our day was spent adding the finishing touches, practicing and adding some dance moves to our performance. We practiced and practiced to better our movements, expression and vocals.

We are so incredibly proud of how hard you worked today Year 3, you have blown us away with your exceptional ability and commitment. Our next steps are to continue practicing and working hard, ready for our final performance to be recorded in a few weeks time. It is going to be AMAZING!

Well done Year 3!

Mr Howley

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