Year 4 Mozart – Take One Picture Project

In Year 4, we are really lucky to be able to take part in the Take One Picture Art project alongside the National Gallery. We have really enjoyed learning about the painting The Finding of Moses in our History lessons, as well as exploring a range of different art techniques during our Art lessons each week. We have used paints, pastels, charcoal and a range of pencils and explored the different effects these have when used in different ways. When working with paint, we have only been using the primary colours, alongside white and black, and have explored how to mix and create a variety of different colours and shades using these colours alone.

Everyone has had lots of fun, shown great enthusiasm and learnt lots from the project so far. We are also really enjoying working alongside our Artist in Residence, Lucy, who is sharing some of her work with us each week and giving us some great advice along the way! Have a look at some of the pictures of our work so far below. We are excited to continue the project and begin working on our final piece of artwork, inspired by the painting itself!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Miss Harris

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