Reception – Forest School

Today our Forest School session was influenced by a book we have read together recently called, ‘The King of Tiny Things’ by Jeanne Willis & Gwen Millward. In this story a tiny fairy teaches two young girls to look out for and care for the tiny creatures that live in the garden. So today we decided to look for the tiny creatures that live in our Forest School, taking great care not to hurt them or disturb them too much.
The children really enjoyed looking for tiny creatures taking their time to look underneath logs, up in trees and hidden in between the leaves and plants.
We found spiders, worms, slugs, centipedes and beetles! 🐜🕷🐌
We then used the books, pictures and identification charts to find out more information about the tiny creatures we had found, using the magnifying glasses to take a closer look.

It was lovely to see all of the children so engaged and excited, working together to find the tiny creatures that live in our woods. I was also very proud to see them being being so careful to take care and look after the creatures they found, returning them safely to their homes once we had all had a little look. True Kings and Queens of the Tiny Things!

Well done Reception, Mrs Read 🙂

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