Our trip to Woburn Year 1

We had a wonderful time yesterday on our year group trip to Woburn. On the coach, the children were cheering and were very excited for their day ahead. After around 40 minutes, we arrived and our tour guide got on our coach and we were off to see the elephants, lions and tigers. We couldn’t believe how big the elephants were! It was lunchtime when we arrived at the lions and they were enjoying their feast and lying in the sun. It was mayhem with the monkeys as they climbed and swung all over our coach. After lunch, we ventured on foot to see the rest of the animals. The penguins were enjoying a cooling swim and the sealions were basking in the sun. Finally, we ended the trip with a visit to see the wallaby’s hopping around joyfully. There were lots of tired and contented children on our coach ride back to school.

Well done Year 1 on a fabulous school trip!


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