Murray Class excitement!

Last week we had an amazing time at Woburn Safari Park! It was really funny to see the monkeys being cheeky when they climbed the top of the coach. We saw so many different animals and we learnt lots of interesting facts on our coach tour and during the show that we watched.

Last week was eventful for other reasons too. On Thursday, when we came back into the classroom after break time the classroom was a mess because the tables and chairs had decided to ‘quit’! We used our persuasive writing skills to them a letter to ensure that they did not decide to quit again. Luckily, they have not ‘quit’ again due to the children’s letters being so great! Well done Murray Class!

This afternoon, in DT, it was brilliant to see how resourceful everyone was when creating the background of their moving toys. Next week, we will create the moving mechanism to complete our moving toys.

I hope that you all have a brilliant weekend!

Miss McGarrity

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