Reception – memories and achievements

We had a lovely Jigsaw session in Reception. The theme was Celebration and the children were asked to put special memories of their first year at school into a sparkly gold box, they also talked about some of their achievements.  We had some brilliant contributions….here are a few of them.


“When the Gingerbread Man came and left crumbs all over our classroom!”

“Playing in the kiva.”

“The fairies at Forest School.”

“When the kiva was Santa’s workshop.”

“Playing football on the field.”

“Having fun making friends and playing with them.”


“I couldn’t even write my name when I started school, now I can write stories!”

“I didn’t know any words when I started school, now I can read 100 words!”

“I can count all the way to 100.”

“I am a much faster runner and I can score goals.”

What a fabulous year we have all had in Reception! Your teachers are very proud of you and we know that you will all continue to make more super memories and achieve even more next year in Year 1. 

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