Year 4 Mozart – Wonderful Work

Can you believe that it is the last full week of school before we break up for the summer holidays later next week?! The time is flying by!

Yesterday, in English, we started to plan our hot writes. We have enjoyed learning our model text ‘Why Dragons are Extinct’ and have generated lots of interesting ideas for us to use when writing our own explanation text. From ‘Why Tooth Fairies Only Come Out at Night’ to ‘Why are there Craters on the Moon?’, there have been so many wonderful and interesting ideas! We are looking forward to writing these explanation texts today.

We have also been enjoying our Art lessons where we have been able to explore mixing powder paints in order to create different colours. Using different amounts of primary colours, we discovered that we were able to change the shade of the colour we were mixing. We then moved onto to looking at how different shades and tones are used effectively within art work. We started creating a collage based on a chosen animal, before having a go at mixing different shades of paint to match.

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