Matilda- First computing lesson!

Sorry about the delay Matilda class. I had some issues blogging on Friday but it is now working for me 🙂

It has been another brilliant week in Matilda class. The children have all learnt the class routines very quickly and are showing just how independent they can be! My favourite lesson this week was Computing. This morning, when I spoke to the children about the day ahead, I explained that we were going to have a Computing lesson. The children cheered and some explained that they hadn’t ever had a Computing lesson before. Working with a partner, the children had set tasks to try and complete. The first was to familiarize themselves with the keyboard. We checked to see if every letter from the alphabet was there. We noticed that the letters on the keyboard were all capitalized but when we typed they weren’t.



After that, we practiced typing letters, our names, a long list of words and using the spacebar. Some children tried to challenge themselves further and practiced typing sentences. Next lesson, we will be learning how to turn on caps lock and using full stops.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Mrs Chamberlain

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