Forest School Club

We have been having a great time during Forest School Club.  The children made mud cakes and delicious leaf soups and had fun exploring the music area.  This week we got damp in the rain and enjoyed jumping in the puddles that appeared on the playground too.  Some of the children chose to join in with some twig weaving and have worked carefully to start to make decorations to hang in the trees.  The children think they look like spiderwebs and will be good as Halloween decorations!

We are also starting to create a new den using tree branches – if you have any that you are able to donate to be used for this please contact us via  Can you make a den in your home or garden to read in over the weekend? We have enjoyed reading in Forest School, sharing books with our friends whilst sat on the benches and under the shelter of our den.

Enjoy being outside whatever the weather!

Mrs Egan and Miss Birch

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