Y3 Rowling – partitioning

Rowling class have enjoyed exploring partitioning this week in maths, making 2 and 3 digit numbers in different ways.

In of our lessons this week we had to work together in pairs or threes to find all of the ways to make the number 340. We used place value counters and supported each other and worked really well together to find as many ways as we could. We could easily find 300+40 , 310+30 etc but we had to think carefully about how else we could partition the number.

We explored how many tens are in one hundred and worked out that in the number 340 there are 34 tens!

We also found out that we could have 1 hundred and 24 tens or 2 hundred and 14 tens.

As you can see from the pictures, the children were fantastic!

Well done Rowling class, have a great weekend.

Miss Gedney

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