Year 3 Dahl – Searching for Dragons!

Well, what an exciting morning we have had in Dahl class!! Just as we were about to begin our English lesson, Mrs Wood rushed into class with a message from Mrs Fennelly, letting us know that she had sent an important e-mail for us to read. We read Mrs Fennelly’s e-mail and discovered that, over the weekend, a mysterious creature had been spotted on the playground! After speaking with the witness, Mrs Fennelly knew it was some kind of dragon. Using the information we had, we all went outside to investigate and try to find any clues to help us identify what type of dragon it was. We found some claw prints in the soil, noticed that one of the gates to forest school was open slightly and spotted some unusual lines and patterns in the sky, amongst the clouds, which we think might be smoke from the dragon as it flew away!!

After finding these clues, we came back inside and began researching different types of dragons. From reading some reports, we now know that it was the Northampton Ridge-back dragon which is a very rare type of dragon!! Luckily, these dragons are not dangerous to humans – phew! We read a report about this species and learnt lots of new things. We discovered that the Northampton Ridge-back is at risk of becoming extinct and to help with this, we are going to leave some fruit and vegetable on the playground over night. We are excited to see whether the food is taken by tomorrow morning!

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