Murray Class – Oh no! The Killer Cat came back!

Oh no! The Killer Cat came back to our classrooms and made a mess… again! When the children entered the classroom this morning, we searched the classroom for the clues left behind by the Killer Cat. Did he come back to Simon de Senlis because he was looking for another tasty snack? Did he come back because he knew that we were talking about him? Did he make a mess on purpose? After looking for Hunter (The Killer Cat) in the classroom, we went outside to see if we could find him. We thought that he might be in the garage because there was a paw print on the door so we listened carefully outside the door. Some children heard meowing and scratching so maybe he is still in there! Next, we walked quietly through the forest but he was still nowhere to be seen. Finally, we walked silently through school but he was still nowhere to be found. We all really hope that he does not come back again!



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