Year 2 – Ennis Class… the return of the Killer Cat.

What an exciting week we have had!












The Killer Cat returned on Tuesday morning and caused chaos in year 2! As the children entered the classroom they saw many clues of his return and were utterly shocked about the mess he has caused. Some children even started to clean up his mess.

He left the children messages on the tables, ripped our washing line, scattered food everywhere in our year 2 area and left his muddy paw prints all over the walls. Then he made his way onto the playground and threw flour everywhere! What was he searching for? Well the children believe that he returned to find his prey after having a terrible morning. The children spent the first part of the morning searching for clues and evidence, to support their diary entry towards the end of the week. We put on our detective hats and we all had the best morning ever!


Miss Fantozzi


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