Year 4 Lennon-McCartney – Science Experiment!

Yesterday, we set up our Science experiment linked to our topic all about food and digestion. We have used egg shells to represent our teeth because the inside of the shell is similar to the enamel on the outside of our teeth. Then we poured in lots of different liquids that we often eat or drink. These were water, milk, orange juice, coca cola and vinegar. We left one set of egg shells empty as a control.

We discussed what was in each liquid that may cause the egg shells to change and then recorded our predictions in a table. We are going to leave the shells for 7 days and see what has happened to the shells and liquids before recording our results.

Here are the shells when we first started:

Here are the shells after 1 day!
What do you think is going to happen over the next few days?


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