The Cave

This week, Year 6 have started a new Talk for Writing unit which is fiction and based around a meeting tale.  We are beginning to learn our model text, Little Vixen Street, and have been writing poetry to explore creating suspense, the toolkit for this unit. Below are two poems written based on this picture of a cave.  Wonderful language and sensational suspense!  We can’t wait to read your stories.


I know all too well of the cave

The calls and cries of stranded animals

And the roaring waves, illuminating the remote rocks.

I know the contrast; the blinding light to the guilty darkness.


I know all too well of the cave,

How the beam of light shines down on the stranded seals as they speak.

How the blinding lights shimmer upon the sage-green void .

How the isolated daggered rocks are covered in candy-floss like moss.

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