Robinson Class RE

Good afternoon


Robinson class have just had a wonderful RE lesson where we learnt about how different faiths believe the world was created. We began the lesson by thinking about how we think the world was created. These were the children’s ideas:

– A man painted the Earth and then it became real
– A factory
– The sun made the earth because we all spin around the sun, the asteroids made the moon, the atmosphere grew and grew and the countries appeared
– Penguins and animals made the earth
– It was a blue planet and then aliens started creating things
– The planet was sand and an inventor came along and made the Earth, it was the same people who made Netflix and Disney
– The asteroids came together with the sun, the Earth was black but then animals appeared and lived peacefully
– God made the Earth
– God made space first, the sun popped out lava and created a big ball which then froze and made the Earth. Water started to appear and then grass.
– An astronaut created the Earth and build different things

Next, we learnt about how Muslims believe the world was created in 6 days and Christians believe the world was created in 7 days. We learnt about each day and what happened. The children chose a day to represent using art.


Well done Robinson class.


Have a lovely weekend.

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