Rowling Class – Elf Road

Rowling class have had a wonderful week this week. We started off the week by writing some poems using our senses. Here’s some of our wonderful work!

Later on in the week, we enjoyed a short trip to the forest where we entered the fairy door and took ourselves into a new world! This led us nicely into our new text ‘Elf Road’, a portal story. We’ve enjoyed learning our new model text. I wonder if you can retell the story at home?

We had a fantastic music lesson this afternoon and enjoyed playing our glockenspiels to ‘Three Little Birds’. We’re really good at playing G and A now in time with the song. We had a little challenge to try and play AND sing at the same time. It was quite tricky but we gave it a good go!

Well done Rowling class, have a wonderful weekend.

Miss Gedney

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