Mozart – World Book Day!

We have had a fabulous time in Mozart class today celebrating World Book Day! It was fantastic to see so many entries for the ‘Book in a box’ competition, and all of the hard work and effort the children clearly put into making them. The children based their boxes on such a variety of books, including ‘The Enchanted Wood’ by Enid Blyton, ‘Rainbow Fish’ by Marcus Pfister and ‘Foxes in the Snow’ by Jonathan Emmett. This shows that they are clearly reading a range of books at home, which was also lovely to see!

Although it was extremely difficult to choose the winning entry, myself and the rest of the Year 4 team decided that Bethany’s box, based on ‘The Beast and the Bethany’ would win this year. A huge well done to Bethany and all of the other children who took part – you all did such a brilliant job!


As one of our World Book Day activities, we spent half an hour this morning with Ennis class in Year 2, where the children were given the opportunity to pair up and read with a younger child. It was great to see the children helping their partner decode new words, using their fingers to help the other child follow the text, and just generally being very supportive!

Something that all of the children were particularly excited about was a new reading challenge they have been set. The theme of this year’s challenge is ‘Reading takes you on an adventure!’ We had a lovely discussion about how, when we read, we are taken into another world entirely and are able to imagine so many wonderful places, times and lives. The children are extremely excited to complete the different reading challenges on the list, and are hoping to make it into the NPAT newsletter if they become ‘platinum readers’!

Well done Mozart!

Miss Robson

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