Rowling World Book Day 📚📚

Wow! What a great day we have had. Rowling class have loved all things books today, in amongst all of our other lessons. We’ve spent lots of time reading and enjoying books and talking about our favourite books together. Some children spent some time with Robinson class sharing their books, which was lovely to see.

I am so impressed with the book in a boxes that have been made. There were some really wonderful creations, with lights, moving parts and wonderful drawings. It was so hard to choose our winner, so we had to call on Mrs Hounsham from Year 2 to choose! She was also blown away but loved our winning box so much because it had quotes from the book and a funny scene, where all of the furniture was on the ceiling! The book was the Twits!

A huge well done to our winner but to everyone in Rowling class for their hard work. We are so proud of you!

Miss Gedney

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