Rowling Class – Science and Comic Relief!

Rowling class have had a fantastic week this week.

This week was Science week and we celebrated by conducting an investigation with shoes! We have been learning about friction and magnets and our investigation was all about which shoe had the best grip.

First we planned our experiment by choosing our variables, then we got stuck in with some shoes, a ramp and a metre stick! We had hours of fun testing shoes out. We really wished we’d had time to test everyone’s shoes! We tried to test a range of shoes, trainers and boots.

When it came down to it, most shoes lost grip at about 50-60cm high, but the winner was Zara’s shoe which held on to 65cm! Her shoe was a boot so we decided this must have the best grip.

To make things more interesting we then added a weight to see if there was much difference. There wasn’t much in it but Oscar’s shoe had the best grip in the end. As you can tell from some of the pictures, we had lots of fun!

Today we celebrated comic relief and there were lots of red noses today. A huge well done to those who made a habitat for their nose. Our overall winner was Ursula! Well done Ursula.

Have a lovely weekend in the sunshine! ☀️

Miss Gedney

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