Year 4 Lennon-McCartney – What a busy week!

Wow! We have reached the end of another busy week, filled with lots of brilliant learning. We have been swimming, written our suspense filled stories about ‘A Shipwreck in Stormy Seas’, completed lots of assessments, and ended the week with Comic Relief day and a brilliant afternoon of Art, making progress with our Take One Picture project! As well as this, we have learnt all about Growth which is this years theme for National Science Week, learnt about healthy eating and how far food travels to get to us. We then designed our own planet friendly burgers that were locally sourced and good for us!

Lots of children took part in a competition to design a poster about Growth. There was also a competition for the best Red Nose Habitat for Comic Relief day. The winning designs for both these competitions can be seen below. We have had an unbelievably busy and exciting week and can’t wait to continue next week with lots of fabulous learning!

Well done everyone!


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