Paddington Class

This week we have been consolidating our learning about ‘lots of’ in Maths and I have been impressed by the children’s willingness to attempt challenges.  Our writing unit about reports has come to an end and today we celebrated our work together by reading each other’s writing and completing a check list for our reports to see if we have met the report toolkit we had been working on.  Many spotted adjectives, conjunctions, generalisers in the reports as well as evidence that we had grouped information and used sub titles.  I am very proud of the children and the progress they have made in their report writing, well done Paddington Class!

In PE we have been working on balancing and worked in pairs to practice counter balances before being creative and performing balances in groups, linking them with different movements.

We had a fantastic afternoon learning more about materials in Science.  First the children investigated if tinfoil, plastic sheets, kitchen roll and paper are waterproof.  To do this they placed a pipet of water on top of the material and observed what happened.  Then we went outside and made predictions about what would happen if I poured a watering can of water over a wellington boot, umbrella, plastic mat and a cotton sheet with the children under the materials! I will post some photos of our adventures on Monday.  We were using the words waterproof and absorbent to explain what we found out.  Some of the observations made were:

Plastic is waterproof. I know this because the water did not go through it, the water ran off it.

Umbrellas are made of waterproof material because the water didn’t get me wet.

The kitchen roll is not waterproof it’s absorbent because the water went through it and soaked it up.

The sheet is not waterproof because my hand got wet, water went through it.

Paper is not waterproof but the water has not gone through it so I don’t think it’s as absorbent as paper towels.

I want to go under the sheet – it is not waterproof I want to get wet! (maybe on a warmer day!)

This afternoon we continued to program bee-bots and used direction cards to challenge ourselves to make the robots move in a particular way, the children did this brilliantly! Then we started to learn ‘Reach for the Stars’ by S Club 7 as year 1 will be performing this as part of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, we made a great start at learning the chorus – maybe you can practice at home:


I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy being out in the sunshine, remember the surprises you made for Mummy on Sunday!

Mrs Egan

P.S I am unable to add pictures of our work at the moment but I will on Monday.

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