Paddington Class

We have had a fun, busy and creative afternoon finishing our moving pictures linked to the text we leant recently Nobot The Robot.  The children worked carefully using sliders and pivots to make moving pictures of the characters in the story.  The children made robots waving, dancing, walking in grass and eating chocolate buttons as well as monkeys sliding down slides.

Last week we had a great time investigating if materials were waterproof or absorbent.  The children placed droplets of water on plastic, kitchen roll, paper and tinfoil and observed what happened.  Then we had lots of fun outside making predictions about wat would happen if we sheltered under an umbrella, cotton sheet or a plastic sheet whilst water was poured on top. Next so0me brave volunteers tested the predictions! Comments that were made included:

I know cotton is absorbent because the water was soaked up.

Tin foil is waterproof, I know this because the water ran off it.

Umbrella’s are made of waterproof material so we can stay dry under them.

The tissue is more absorbent than the paper because the water stayed on top of the paper for longer.

Great work Paddington Class! Here are a selection of photos from our Science investigation last week and our PT projects today.

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