Year 4 Lennon-McCartney – Suspense Poetry

Today in English, we were learning how to build up suspense through poetry. We used this picture of a wolf in a forest to write our own poems, using empty words to hide the threat and choosing vocabulary to capture the readers attention and make them want to read on.

Here are some of the amazing poems written by the children:

Unknown Creature by Indie

Wrapped in ivy, trees tower until nightfall,
A silhouette darts between the deadly, jagged rocks,
Needle-like fur prickles in the chattering, cold wind. Crunch…
Eyes as fast as an eagle,
As dark as the midnight sky,
Menacing eyes glare at something, or was it someone?
It can see its victim…
The prowling wolf pounces once again.


Apocalypse of Fright by Niamh

Trees coiled in vines tower, paralysed.
Sabotaging day into dusk, a silhouette lurks in the shadows.
A bloodthirsty devilish look activates as its needle-like fur prickles.
As fast as a hawk, it pounces with its dagger claws slashing.
It knows its first victim and the wolf approaches with a piercing snarl.

The Forest by Samuel

Ivy-wrapped trees towering over misty, fading leaves,
A dark silhouette sneaks across slimy vines.
Sapphire, gloomy eyes stare.
Blade-like ears flap down and he growls stealthily.
It can smell its victim.
The prowling wolf pounces and attacks.

The Deep Depths by Isla 

Menacing eyes glow in the dark as the air howls in the strong wind.
Intense breathing gently blows on your sweaty spine as you try to escape this deadly place.
The bushes and plants flow in the cold breeze as ivy wraps around the crooked trees.
You breathe heavily, breathing out frosty mist in the bitterly cold breeze.
The feisty wolf snarls at you as you turn around.

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