Year 4 Lennon-McCartney – Trip to London!

What a fantastic day we have had visiting the National Gallery in London!
We started the day with a tour of the gallery and learnt about some of the paintings in the different rooms, admired the incredible architecture in the building and found out about some of the artists. We also got to see the painting that we have studied in school and were amazed at how detailed and realistic it looked in real life. We shared lots of our knowledge about the painting with our guide who was very impressed!

After lunch, we then completed a practical activity where we explored the gallery for paintings where people had dramatic expressions or gestures. We then sketched our own person to add to a huge installation of people from the shipwreck inspired by our painting of the shipwreck at stormy seas.

After this, we explored the gallery further, looking at a range of paintings, learning about the stories behind them and sketching some different parts that interested us.

Finally, we got to go and explore the Take One Picture exhibition where we could see different school’s artwork from last years project. It was amazing to see all the different outcomes inspired by the exact same painting!

We had a wonderful day and the adults were so proud of the children’s behaviour and enthusiasm.

Well done everyone! Here are some pictures of our day:



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