Robinson’s trip to the shops

Good morning, we had an exciting adventure yesterday where we put our learning to the test. Robinson class walked very sensibly to Tesco to buy food to make toasties. The children planned what ingredients they needed by locating key words in a set of instructions. We wrote a shopping list and discussed our learning on road safety and stranger danger.

Each time we came to the road we thought about whether it was a safe place to cross and what we needed to do to cross safely. This included, look left and right continuously, listen carefully, walk do not run and always cross where you can see both sides of traffic.

When we reached Tesco, the children used the signs to locate the different foods we needed. In each aisle the children spread out and in pairs had to find the cheapest of the item we needed. We found bread for 19p!!!

Once we had gathered all of the ingredients we went to pay. Each child had a turn scanning the foods. A kind shop keeper which we knew was a safe stranger gave each child a token to vote for their favourite charity. The children thought long and hard about which charity to support as we left Tesco.

When we had returned to school we worked together to make the toasties. They were delicious and many teachers came into the classroom following the smell!

We will now use our experience to write a recount following our learning in English to complete the unit.

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