Wiggins Class

What a great week the children and staff have had again in Wiggins Class. Everyone is working so hard and making lots of progress in so much of their learning.

Today in maths, we have been learning about the concepts of more and fewer, making sets of objects to match the labels and trying to use the words in our explanations. We have been practising counting and counting on from a given number, combining two sets of numbers in order to understand addition and finding the odd one out in a set.

We have been continuing to work with the story of The Gruffalo in our English lessons, exchanging the characters for ones of our choice, the tasty nut for a food we like to eat and how the woodland creatures might have travelled. In one version of the story, a butterfly was looking for a tasty pizza and jogged through the wood!

In our outside learning we have continued to work on mark making, writing, collaboration and cooperation.

It has been a joy to see the children getting to know their newest classmates, working and playing alongside each other happily.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.




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