Dyson – Bread making.

This week, Dyson class finally had the chance to bake their own bread recipes, complete with their chosen flour and toppings as part of their Design and Technology learning. What a success!

As well as discussing the importance of food hygiene when preparing food, we also looked at why we were producing a new loaf. The children thought about whether it was because they wanted to try homemade as opposed to large-scale manufactured loaves or whether they wanted to try different toppings or flour types. The children learnt plenty of new skills including mixing, the importance of carefully weighing the ingredients as well as the importance of kneading the dough thoroughly.
Once baked, the smell of freshly baked bread meant that the children could not wait to taste test it. As part of the evaluation process, the children looked at the appearance, texture, and taste of their loaf. They also thought about what they enjoyed or disliked about it, what difficulties they had to overcome and how they could improve it next time.
Well done, Dyson you are such amazing bakers!

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