Jewish Traditions

We continued to learn about Jewish traditions today and what Jews do to celebrate Shabbat. We  had  a really  fun  afternoon  making  Challah  bread  from  playdough  and  craft  Havdalah  Candles.  We learnt that the bread is plaited with three strands to represent the three blessings the Jewish family say.  They have 2 loaves of bread so that there are 6 strands of bread on the table to represent each of the 6 days Jewish people believe God made the world in.  Jewish people eat Challah bread during Shabbat when they celebrate the day of rest they believe God had at the end of the 6 days of creation.   At the end of Shabbat the family will light a Havdalah candle which is also plaited to represent the different blessings.  The children helped each other to plait the dough and there was lots of talk about what we were making and why.  We were all very proud of our creations, well done Paddington Class!

Tomorrow we will be going to Forest School, please remember wellies as it is very muddy up there at the moment!

Best wishes

Mrs Egan

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