Wiggins Class

This week has been full of hard work and wonderful learning.

In PE lessons, we have been developing our ball skills, practising climbing and using scooter boards. Some of these skills are tricky and so the children had to focus well and concentrate. I was impressed with their determination in these lessons. When things were difficult, they didn’t give up.

Maths involved learning more about partitioning numbers and creating number sentences to show our understanding. We worked out that addition is commutative, which means you can add the amounts in any order and still get the same total.

This week, we have also been learning about keeping clean and the importance of hand washing. We used pepper, warm water and soap to demonstrate the difference in how germs react when you use soap and when you don’t use soap to wash your hands.

Our story in English is The Enormous Turnip. Today we exchanged the turnip for different vegetables or fruits and thought of other things we could cook. The children chose things like strawberry mousse, banana pancakes and cabbage stew instead of turnip soup. Some ideas sounded tastier than others!

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