Wonderful Wiggins Class

Although we only had four days at school this week, we have packed in so much learning.

In maths, we have been building on our understanding of addition by using pegs on coat hangers! It might sound a little strange, but we learnt about the commutative nature of addition through turning the hangers around to change the position of the pegs. There were some real lightbulb moments with the children when they saw this concept so clearly. We have also been comparing the height of things and measured ourselves using ribbon to create a display of all our heights. We also developed our knowledge and understanding of repeating patterns by making, and eating, fruit kebabs.

We had a great Forest School session on Thursday. We explored, investigated and communicated with each other and did some of our learning in the outdoor classroom too. Straight after Forest School is our Music Bugs lesson, this week with a coronation theme. The children sang, dressed up, danced and played lots of different instruments. They have made great progress in being able to tap to a beat and maintain the rhythm of a piece of music.

Recently, the children also painted crowns for an exhibition. They looked stunning in their frames, which set off their beautiful work perfectly. Today, of course, was our coronation celebration. Our picnic was lots of fun, even if we couldn’t have it on the field. The children wore their crowns and waved their flags this afternoon after learning about what the coronation was about earlier in the week.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy whatever celebrations you join with. I know I will be watching the ceremony on my television for most of Saturday!


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