Robinson Class

Robinson class have had a fantastic time in forest school this week. We kept our fingers and toes crossed it would not rain and the weather forecast would be wrong and it worked as we had beautiful sunshine.

The children were amazed when we arrived in the forest as the plants and hedges are now in full bloom with blossom and leaves everywhere which makes for a fantastic game of hide and seek. The children found so many new hiding places amongst the greenery and we all thoroughly enjoyed trying to find each other.

Once we had finished playing lots of group games, the children worked together to fill the outline of butterfly wings with natural resources. They had to work as a team as the space was quite large and use the resources the forest provides. It was great to watch the children rallying together and supporting each other to fill the space.

The children played many imaginary games as the adults observed lots of co-operating, compromising and team skills developing through play.

Well done Robinson class, I am already excited for next week.

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