Year 3’s busy week

What a busy week in Year 3. We have been working hard In Maths this week. We have started to explore money. The children have enjoyed different activities exploring the value of different coins and how they can use these to make different amounts of money with their talk partners.

In Art, we have been experimenting with milk bottles and how we can manipulate these materials to create different effects. First, we explored weaving with different parts of a milk bottle. We then challenged ourselves and had a go at sewing the milk labels into the plastic. The children really enjoyed this activity.

In RE, we have been discussing how we can help people and what traits are important to have as a person. The children came up with some brilliant traits such as honesty, forgiveness and being generous. The children also gave great examples of when they have helped somebody else. We then moved on to think about different ways that Jesus showed love and compassion.

Well done everyone, have  a great weekend.

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