Murray class are skipping into the weekend!

Wow! What a week!

Firstly, we are SO proud of how hard you have worked this week, as we have completed lots of special booklets in our classroom. You have all worked so hard and shown how brilliant you all are! Well done Murray class!

Amongst all of the other learning that has taken place, we’ve started to write up our Hot Write, a journey story using the suspense toolkit. There are lots of scary settings being created! I can’t wait to finish reading them next week.

To finish off our week, between the rainy showers we headed out to work on our skipping skills! Some of the children said they weren’t very good at skipping before we went out, but after 10 minutes we were all brilliant at skipping and all said how much we loved it!

Well done Murray class, have a wonderful weekend!


Miss Gedney, Mrs Walker, Mrs Rogojina and Mrs Kaye

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